3 things you need to know about BV youth

Good morning! I am so thankful that it is October and Halloween is almost over so we can get to CHRISTMAS!!!!! I love the Christmas season and I am excited for it to not snow as much as last year (anyone else? this is my prayer)

okay 3 things you need to know about BV youth

  1. NOVEMBER 3rd, we have an amazing opportunity to serve at the Cyrus Centres fundraising event at Hillcity Church (3970 Gladwin Road). 5:30-10PM (if you need to go home early or come later please let me know). They would prefer we wear black pants and white shirts. we will be serving, setting up, tearing down, and just being an overall helper in this event.  We would LOVE ALL OF US TO COME! so if you can make it please let me know so I have numbers. This will be instead of our usual event.
  2. JANUARY WINTER RETREAT DATES AND UPDATE- instead of having our weekend on the 19/20 we will be pushing it to the 12/13. We will be sleeping over at the church and then be joining in on MB missions Awake Youth Day from 9-4:30PM with other churches. what is Awake Youth day? it is basically a one-day missions trip.  stay tuned for more details
  3. CORN MAZE!!!!! October 20th 6:30-9:30PM for all grades (6-12). we will be leaving the church and picking up at the church.  We might need some parents to drive. So if you have time and are willing to join us, hooligans, please let me know! a coffee will be ready for you. cost is $5 per person, new friends are free! please let me know if you are planning on attending.


THANKS, EVERYONE see you Sunday at youth learning centre from 9:45-10:45 AM


Carla Thiessen

Step up night ! No, it’s not a dance off

good morning

this week….

friday september 22nd, 6:30-8:30PM grades 6-12

game,worship,talk,discussion night. Bring your Bibles and a journal.

we will be focusing on Ephesians!


8:30-9:30pm- grades 9-12 after hours at the church 🙂


see you friday!


Ice Scream Scooping, Prayer at Oldhand, and meet-ups

Good morning!


The winner of last weeks contest was  CORINNA LANDSBERGER! Let me know which you would like, Youth Apparel or $20 gift card.

This week

  1. MEET UPS-  If you have been assigned a youth leader (Which most have but not all) you will be getting a phone call, text or pigeon carrier mentioning a time of when would work to meet up with one on one. If you would like to have this happen for you, and you are unsure of how this whole mentoring thing works PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
  2. MCC RELIEF Volunteering- we will be supporting this year with MCC’s sale by scooping ice cream and looking cheerful. If you wish to volunteer with us at any point of September 15th, Friday from 4:30-9PM PLEASE LET ME KNOW! we would love to have you out. Close toed shoes and hats (or hair nets if you don’t bring a hat).
  3. Weekly Prayer- We have in the past few years met a couple times a month in the mornings before school for prayer. This year Alissa Funk and Janelle Andruk will be starting up a bi weekly prayer AFTER school. It will start the weeks we have Events. so every second Thursday 3PM meet at Oldhand.


THANKS, EVERYONE! so happy we are back in the groove and fall has shown up!


Carla Thiessen



September is coming!

Good afternoon, I cannot believe how FAST this summer has gone.

September is only a few short weeks away and I am excited to have our first event on

FRIDAY, September 8th 6:30-8:30 PM at Bakerview Church

This is a soft start to the year. We have open gym, youth room and provide some getting to know you games. This event will have registration, parent meeting, youth leader/mentoring connection time as well as a couple door prizes and snacks.


Fall Fair at Bakerview 4-7 PM. Dinner provided. this event is for all ages!

SUNDAY 10– Sunday kick off

First Learning Centre 9:45-10:45 AM. we will provide an open house time as well as a partial learning centre time for our youth grades 6-12.


IF you have any questions! please let me know, I look forward to hearing from all of you. Check out our Calendar for the fall and spring tentative events 🙂

Carla Thiessen

AUGUST 21st- Cultus Lake Waterslides!

This Monday August 21

Cultus lake waterslides

$20 each- includes slides and ride from Bakerview

you need to BRING A LUNCH or BUY.


let me know if you can come! 9-3:30 drop off and pick up at Bakerview Church



Carla Thiessen

Summer Updates

Good Morning friends!

We are back from SOAR vancouver!I can not believe it’s almost AUGUST!  BAHHH I’m not ready for summer to be halfway over. Here are some things you need to know for this month

TOMORROW!- Photoshoot for BV youth parent and leader magazines as well as promo stuff.

18195225_1357535691006960_1358562027_o WHAT you need to know–

1. tell Carla you are planning on coming

2. Wear plain, appropriate clothing (grays, blacks, whites, charcoal, monochrome. shorts that aren’t too short, no writing on clothing unless it is BV YOUTH attire)

3. come to the church for 7 PM, we will most likely be traveling a bit to some of our favorite spots in the area.

4. We need some Rockin youth and youth leaders to join me, otherwise, it will just be me, posing like that above photo. let’s be honest, no body wants that.

5. let me know! carla.thiessen@bakerview.org, 778-549-7349 or just comment on this post.


AUGUST 21st- CULTUS LAKE WATERSLIDE! 20$ gets you in, Lunch is NOT included. 9am-4PM— also let Carla know if you are planning on coming so I have enough seats

I HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL SOON! preferably tomorrow 🙂


from your beautiful youth pastor, who loves you all and misses your shining faces.

Carla Thiessen


YOUTH Summer Events!

We will be going to Playland and Cultus Lake Water Park this summer so SAVE THE DATE.

The summer events are for those who have just recently graduated (going to university in September) and those who will be starting Grade 6 in the fall 🙂

July 3rd, Monday 9-4:30- tickets are $30 in advance. please let me know ASAP so I can have vehicles ready.

August 21st, Monday 9-4- tickets are $30 in advance.

$50 if you sign up for both at the same time. 

we will be having a clean up the youth room day sometime in the summer as well as a backyard hang out. stay tuned for those dates.

I am here if you have any questions 🙂

Carla Thiessen


Year end BBQ details 

Tomorrow night ! Year end BBQ and golf?! We will be heading to cheam mountain golf course! So be sure to head to the church by 5:30pm. There will be games, frisbee or golf or driving range. 

Pick up is 8:30 at the church 🙂 see you tomorrow!

This week in youth!

Good afternoon! happy may long weekend. The grads and Myself enjoyed a great time white water rafting and eating so much food!


this tuesday (tomorrow)

at the church- we will be creating our own boardwalk cafe. so grab your favorite game, and we will supply snacks and chocolate milk 🙂


SUNDAY May 28th- Year end BBQ

we will be having burgers and enjoying some time in the gym or the park if its nice out! $10 per person and new friends are FREE! please let me know if you are planning on coming so I can buy enough food.

5:30-8:30PM  at the church

SOAR TEAM NOTE (next meeting is May 30th 5-8PM at the church)




Carla Thiessen 778-549-7349

This week for youth

Good Morning!

this week is small group/ mentoring week so you will be contacted by your leader as to what and when something is happening.

there is NO Friday night event due to the long weekend and Grad Retreat.

Alyssa/ Tonia’s small group is going to be going to Alyssa’s house on Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 PM

stay tuned for other updates on what the leaders are planning this week!

Things to note- May 28th- year end bbq and Tuesday, May 23rd is the Last Tuesday night event!

JUNE 2-4 is CHURCH CAMP! sign up if you want to come, it will be a blast.

Have a great Monday,


Carla Thiessen